Inquisitor Salla Koro

Your strong-willed leader.


Stalwart and forthright, Inquisitor Salla Koro rose to her exalted rank at an age when most girls are still mooning over the local rake. Her stern countenance does little to hide her beauty, but this fierce warrior puts more faith in arms than charms.

Her life has been one of devotion and commitment to the Emperor, and her roots in the Adepta Sororitas are immediately obvious to anyone who spends a few hours in her company. Nevertheless, she is a capable leader of both men and women, relishing the great responsibility of hunting heretics as her life’s work.

As a former Sister of Battle, Inquisitor Koro has little patience for cowardice or similar shirking of one’s duty to the Emperor. She is well known for taking a page out of the Commissar’s Primer, summarily executing underlings she perceives to be performing poorly.

It was Inquisitor Koro who first conceived of doing an early psyker sweep in preparation for the Black Ships, and so she has the most to lose should anything go wrong with the prison fleet. Assigning you, her acolytes, to guard one of the ships is a sign of her great confidence and trust. Do not let her down.

Inquisitor Salla Koro

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